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Wynns Coonawarra Estate at the Heart of Australian Fashion Week

The worlds of fine wine and high fashion meet again at this year’s Australian Fashion Week. Wynns Coonawarra Estate has built a reputation as the wine partner and provider for the event for the past two years, with their involvement ever-growing. Australian Fashion Week is a premier event in the fashion calendar that showcases the creativity and innovation of Australian designers. Held annually in Sydney, it serves as a platform for both established and emerging designers to present their collections to a global audience of industry professionals, media, and fashion enthusiasts.

Wynns Sampling Bar 41
Donny Galella at Wynns Bar on Night Two of Fashion Week.

Wynns Coonawarra Estate wines set the standard for Australian Cabernet, celebrated for their quality and rich depth of flavour. As the exclusive wine partner, Wynns has enhanced the fashion week experience with curated wine tastings every night with ambassador Sophie Otton, a profound wine consultant, sommelier & wine journalist. It is safe to say, she knows her stuff and is eager to share her knowledge and passion.

Wynns Sampling Bar 27
Sophie Otton running the Wynns wine tastings.

Guests are treated to sampling sessions of Wynns’ Black Label range, known for excellent varietal and regional characteristics, as well as the V&A range, which celebrates Wynns’ prized vineyards along V&A Lane. Both ranges produce Cabernet Shiraz and Shiraz, which you have the opportunity to taste test right in the centre of the buzz of fashion week. And of course, there are cheese & charcuterie boards to complement the wine. The combination of fine wine and delicious antipasto creates a perfect pairing experience, allowing guests to fully appreciate the nuances of each wine.

Wynns Sampling Bar 11
Wynns V&A Range.

The wine bar, decorated with amazing florals, has caught the eye of many fashion enthusiasts and esteemed stylists. Donny Galella, one of Australia’s most in-demand fashion stylists with over 15 years of industry experience, has paid a visit on night two of Fashion Week. His presence added an extra layer of glamour and excitement to the event and shows the wide appreciation of Wynns within the fashion world.

As the week progresses, the Wynns wine bar is becoming a central hub of activity and conversation, attracting a mix of designers, influencers, and fashion aficionados. Each evening brings a new celebration of creativity, quality, and the finer things in life, set against the backdrop of one of the most exciting events in the fashion calendar.


Images: Lucas Dawson – Melbourne Studios

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