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Shopper Activation Goes Viral, Elevating the Christmas Spirit through Technology

The holiday season is synonymous with joy, and nothing encapsulates this better than the innovative brand activation at the Natick Mall in Massachusetts. Their unique experience, “Santa’s Elevator Express,” transforms a simple mall visit into a magical journey to the North Pole, captivating the imagination of children and adults alike.

The experience revolves around a virtual elevator set within a 12-meter tall Christmas tree. This “elevator” is an ante-room outfitted with display screens simulating a journey to the North Pole. The experience culminates in a visit to Santa’s workshop, complete with snowy animations and the warm greeting of Santa Claus himself.

@natasha_luigui 33 Days Until Christmas! We had to take a trip to the North Pole so Kohen can tell Santa what he would like for Christmas personally 😅🥹 #santaselevator #fyp #santaselevatorexpress #santa #christmas2023 ♬ original sound – Natasha_Luigui

The genius of this concept lies in its immersive nature. By turning a static space into a dynamic, interactive journey, the activation engages visitors on multiple sensory levels. The anticipation of ascending to the North Pole, the visual spectacle of the journey, and the eventual meeting with Santa create a narrative experience that’s both memorable and enchanting.

The impact of this activation extends far beyond the walls of the mall. A TikTok video showcasing a four-year-old boy’s wonder during his visit went viral, garnering millions of likes and shares. This not only amplified the reach of the activation but also highlighted its emotional resonance. The video’s comments reflect a collective nostalgia and a yearning for the innocent joy of childhood.

Shoper Activation

This digital ripple effect is a testament to the activation’s success in creating a story worth sharing. In an age where social media presence is invaluable, such brand activations that encourage organic sharing are golden.

The Natick Mall’s “Santa’s Elevator Express” is a stellar example of an activation done right. It skillfully combines technology, storytelling, and the universal appeal of Christmas to create an experience that transcends the commercial environment of a mall. In doing so, it not only drives foot traffic but also creates lasting memories, reinforcing the magic of the holiday season in the hearts of its visitors.

This activation first appeared at the Bridgewater Commons in New Jersey in 2018, but moved to Massachusetts this year.


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