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Coachella takes over the Virtual World with Fortnite Collaboration

Two weekends of Coachella festivities is clearly not enough, as the most influential music festival has taken to Fortnite to create their own virtual island. This is the third consecutive year of the partnership, and things just keep getting bigger and better. Users will have access into a lively, music-responsive atmosphere inspired by the festival grounds, providing a gateway to other creative Coachella experiences. They can engage in musical mini-games and socialise with festival friends, all from the comfort of their own homes. This has taken Coachella to a whole new level to explore untapped markets of fans.

By venturing into the virtual realm of Fortnite, Coachella has effectively broken-down geographical barriers and accessibility constraints to physically attend the festival, which invites a diverse range of users from around the world to partake in the festival experience.


Fortnite Festival’s Jam Stage has undergone a Coachella makeover to portray a virtual version of the Sahara Tent. The set features the iconic Le Grande Wheel, Spectra Tower and balloon chains, leaving no questions as to where the users are. Jam Tracks from festival artists Bleachers, Blur, Doja Cat, Eslabon Armado, Peso Pluma, Lil Uzi Vert, Pink Pantheress, Ice Spice, Sublime, and Taking Back Sunday will be included in the Festival Main Stage’s featured rotation. All the Coachella 2024 Jam Tracks are available in the shop. The outfits and items have also scaled up this year and give users the option to be the centre of the festival and create their own music masterpieces.

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The third consecutive year of Coachella Island on Fortnite must mean something is working. Coachella’s willingness to adapt to changing consumer preferences has been evident throughout this partnership. With the world becoming increasingly more online and digital, Coachella has taken advantage of this opportunity to resonate with a larger audience than their immediate festival goers. This expansion of the audience base not only broadens Coachella’s global reach but also opens doors to new avenues of engagement. Additionally, Coachella and Fortnite have been able to generate additional revenue streams while offering users a chance to personalise their virtual avatars and enhance their gaming experience.

For both parties, this is a win-win partnership. Two very well-known and big entities in their respective fields have come together to create unique experiences for their communities, which has resulted in a merge of the two fan and user bases. Coachella expands its reach and demographic appeal, while Fortnite gains access to exclusive content and a new avenue for user engagement. This partnership is only continuing to flourish and will generate an increased popularity for virtual take overs, setting the standard for future events and collaborations.

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