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H&M’s Metaverse Virtual Showroom Wins Award

H&M, in collaboration with DEPT® and Journee, has created an innovative virtual showroom, which recently won the Best Metaverse UX at The Drum Awards for Metaverse. This digital space is designed for a variety of audiences including the media, influencers, and customers. It offers an immersive experience to explore H&M’s latest collections and learn about their sustainability efforts.

The virtual showroom is an extension of H&M’s physical showrooms but operates digitally, allowing visitors to explore without the constraints of physical location and opening hours. It’s a place where different groups like stylists, customers, and employees can learn about H&M and its offerings in an engaging, virtual environment.

The design was guided by H&M’s brand identity and insights from users, ensuring an engaging and relevant experience.  A key feature of the showroom is its focus on diversity and inclusion, represented by the variety of avatar designs. The virtual environment is user-friendly, with aids and explanations to assist even inexperienced users in navigating the space.

The showroom has received positive feedback from various stakeholders, including the media and Gen Z audiences. It has successfully engaged visitors and provided valuable insights for H&M. Future plans include hosting larger events like concerts and launches, further expanding the virtual experience for consumers.

H&M’s Virtual Showroom is a groundbreaking project that combines fashion, innovation, and digitalization. It represents a significant step in exploring the potential of virtual brand experiences. The success of this project lays the groundwork for more innovative ventures in the future.

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