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The Hype around Heineken House at Coachella

Coachella and Heineken’s partnership dates back to 2002, only three years after the first-ever Coachella festival. So, for 20 years, Heineken has been creating the ultimate festival-goer experience, and 2024 was no exception. Heineken is known as one of the first brands that considered the audience experience in its concept development at Coachella, and includes practical elements that make the audience’s journey one without compromise, ensuring seamless enjoyment from start to finish.

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For the length of Heineken’s sponsorship of Coachella, they have come to develop the Heineken House, which is one of the many stages within the festival. Throughout the years, Heineken has been able to gain valuable insights and build upon past successes, declaring the House as one of the most underrated stages at Coachella in 2024. The half-day lounge and half-stage destination has been a well-kept secret of Coachella, offering attendees an escape to the enduring battlefield of the General Admission area. What is cool about the Heineken House, it has been strategically built and placed to capture the Coachella Valley’s frequent desert breezes, the architects of this space have maximised the natural elements to enhance the experience of attendees. The addition of industrial fans that release a steady flow of refreshing mist onto the dance floor adds to the appeal to escape the heat and enjoy the sets.



Although the Heineken House is festival’s smallest venue both in terms of size, with a capacity of around 5000, and stage, Heineken demonstrated its ability to thrive within confinements. The 2024 line-up has been a real game-changer for the area with big names such as T-Pain, Lupe Fiasco, and Bob Sinclair. These were the headliners throughout the first weekend, with the addition of Fat Joe joining the crew for the second weekend. Tyler the Creator was a surprise act on Saturday night, which saw a huge spike in numbers. These big names had the people swarming, trying to get their hands on an ice-cold beer before enjoying their famous set list. The artists serve as cultural influencers with a direct connection to the tastes and preferences of the festival demographic that brands aim to engage with.

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While Coachella occurs once a year, Heineken extends its promotional efforts to span nearly six months, leveraging the influence of social media. They do this through prizes and promotions, offering VIP experiences to Heineken drinkers for a fully funded Coachella trip. The 2024 Coachella festival won’t be over until next week, but they are building from the current hype and already offering registrations for a chance to win a VIP Experience to, from, and at Coachella 2025. Additionally, the brand maximises downtime periods during the festival to introduce unique and inventive value-added experiences. Whether it be their own Snapchat account that gives you hints to surprise performers or cold storage fridges to keep your beer cool, these on-site activations are sustained commitments to the festival, which skilfully prioritise their longevity within the alcohol and festival world.

By staying true to their brand and values, Heineken has been able to adapt to the wants and needs of festival-goers, constantly refining and innovating the offerings at the Heineken House. From surprise performances by top artists to interactive experiences, Heineken consistently strives to exceed expectations and create an experience rather than a venue. This commitment to excellence and fun has reaffirmed Heineken’s partnership with Coachella, ensuring that the Heineken House remains a must-visit destination for Coachella-goers year after year.

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