Tennis Australia’s AO Adventure on Roblox Reaches 14.5 Million Visits

Tennis Australia’s venture into the metaverse with AO Adventure on Roblox has proven to be a resounding success, amassing over 14.5 million visits since its debut at AO 2023, the organisation has disclosed.

Roblox, a metaverse platform boasting more than 70 million daily active users, is set to further elevate the AO Adventure experience for AO 2024. The expansion introduces two exciting additions, the ESPN Super Set Showdown and WimbleWorld x US Open Cross-Court Challenge.

AO Adventure provides users with an immersive exploration of the Australian Open world, offering activities and opportunities to earn digital items and accessories. The upcoming ESPN Super Set Showdown is poised to deliver tennis enthusiasts a unique experience with tennis courts featuring simulated commentary from ESPN’s humanoids, Ace and Courtney. Users can engage in challenges to acquire a koala shoulder pet or a kangaroo pouch wearable for their avatar.

Ridley Plummer, Senior Manager Digital Sales and Metaverse at Tennis Australia, stated, “The ongoing success and growth of AO Adventure on Roblox continues to provide the Australian Open with the opportunity to reach new audiences and global markets, 24/7, 365 days a year, via one of most popular immersive platforms in the world.”

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The collaboration with ESPN has received commendations from Brian Iglesias, ESPN Head of International Marketing.

Iglesias stated, “The collaboration with Tennis Australia is a great opportunity for ESPN to engage with new audiences around the world. By combining Tennis Australia’s expertise in sport with ESPN’s global reach, AO Adventure and ESPN Super Set Showdown promises to offer an engaging and immersive experience.”

The WimbleWorld x US Open Cross-Court Challenge takes the AO Adventure experience to new heights, allowing users to portal between different metaverse realms and complete challenges to earn a coveted Cross-Court Aura for their avatars.

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Additionally, AO Ballpark presented by Emirates aligns with the onsite offerings, featuring a challenging Sky-High Obby and a Dunlop Tennis Ball Rain mini-game.

Cedric Cornelis, Chief Commercial Officer at Tennis Australia, reiterated the organisation’s commitment to innovation and engagement. He stated, “We believe in the power of tennis to unite and inspire. By offering a range of engaging experiences, both on and off the court, we aim to create a lasting impact and ensure that the AO remains a beacon of creativity and innovation in the sporting world.”

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