Hornets’ Partnership With YouTuber MrBeast, Marking The First Of Its Kind

In a sponsorship that is the first of its kind, the Charlotte Hornets have partnered with a YouTube icon, hitting the court for the 2023-24 season.

This groundbreaking venture sees the Hornets joining forces with none other than YouTube sensation Jimmy Donaldson, globally recognised as MrBeast. This collaboration will see MrBeast’s company, “Feastables,” featured on the Hornets’ jerseys, taking centre stage on the team’s chest.

MrBeast’s claim to fame lies in his captivating long-form YouTube content, characterised by extravagant stunts and daring challenges. However, it’s not just the spectacle that defines him; he’s also renowned for his remarkable acts of generosity, which include giving away substantial sums of money, creating unforgettable experiences, and extending a helping hand to those in need. With a staggering 188 million subscribers, MrBeast stands as the undisputed king of individual creators on YouTube, a feat solidified by his remarkable fourth consecutive Content Creator of the Year Award at the 2023 Streamy Awards.

With a huge amount of subscribers and an extensive fan base on his main YouTube channel alone, MrBeast’s appeal knows no bounds, and his collaboration with the Hornets will only draw more people to the games and create a larger following of the team.

In a statement shared on X formerly known as Twitter, MrBeast expressed his excitement about this partnership, stating, “I love Basketball, so it only makes sense for Feastables’s first sponsorship to be with my home team.”

What makes this collaboration truly remarkable is that it marks the very first instance of an NBA franchise entering into a partnership of this nature with a social media superstar. This innovative move aligns perfectly with the vision of the Hornets’ majority owners, who have been staunch advocates for pushing boundaries and shaking up the status quo.

Jacob Gallagher, the Chief Revenue Officer at the Hornets, shed light on the ownership’s visionary approach, stating, “With new ownership, Rick Schnall and Gabe Plotkin, they really pushed us to try new things and really look at things that haven’t been done before — not only in the NBA but in the industry. They wanted us and challenged us to go find unique ways to grow our brand and grow our fan base. And they just said, ‘Hey, don’t do what’s typically done. Push the envelope. We need to set new standards.’”

Feastables CEO and co-founder Jim Murray had previously articulated the brand’s commitment to bringing the excitement and energy showcased on MrBeast’s YouTube channel directly to his audience. With the Hornets’ sponsorship, Feastables is now set to deliver on that promise.

The wheels were set in motion, and the Hornets’ avant-garde move is now poised for widespread recognition, perfectly timed for an eagerly anticipated Charlotte basketball season.

Jacob Gallagher further emphasised the innovative nature of this partnership, saying, “I think that’s what’s groundbreaking about this — it’s the first of its kind,” he added, “and will open up opportunities for us to reach new demographics and bring in new fans.”

While there’s no official confirmation of whether MrBeast will grace a Hornets game with his presence, one thing is for certain, when he does, he won’t be just another spectator. His arrival promises to not only grace the courtside but also draw a multitude of new fans into the exhilarating world of Hornets basketball.

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