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Gentle Monster Pop-Up

In the fashion capitals of Seoul, Korea, and Beijing, China, a new pop-up has emerged, blending the worlds of fashion, art, and confectionery. The South Korean fashion eyewear label Gentle Monster has introduced its latest creative, the “GENTLE JELLY” collection for 2024, stirring a wave of excitement with its gummy-inspired designs.

Gentle Jelly 6 scaled

Launched on January 19, 2024, the “GENTLE JELLY” collection draws inspiration from a delightful array of sweets, ranging from gummy bears to Love Hearts. This new line features eyewear with playful names like “Yummy”, “Gummy”, “Juicy”, and “Panna Cotta”. The collection stands out with its semi-translucent gradient frames in pastel shades, adorned with icing-like coatings and candy-shaped embellishments, perfectly encapsulating the candy theme.

Gentle Jelly 3 scaled

However, what truly sets this launch apart is Gentle Monster’s commitment to creating an immersive retail experience. Coinciding with the collection’s debut, the brand unveiled two exclusive pop-up spaces, one at the Gentle Monster shop at Sanlitun Taikoo Li in Beijing and the other at Haus Dosan in Seoul. These pop-up spaces are more than just retail environments, they are fantastical realms where fashion meets art in a tangible form.

Gentle Jelly 2 scaled

In Seoul and Beijing, visitors step into a world featuring giant jelly pouch sculptures and an interactive jelly-themed environment. These spaces are not just visually striking but very socially shareable. The floor-to-ceiling installations depict pastel-colored giant sweets, including moulded jelly, stars, and the titular monster, all cascading out of an oversized bag reminiscent of iconic Haribo packaging.

Gentle Jelly 5 scaled

This approach is not new for Gentle Monster. Renowned for their artistic pop-up spaces and themed collections, the brand continues to push the retail experience. Last November, for instance, they launched school-themed spaces for their “Gentle High School” 2024 optical collection, again in Beijing and Seoul. These immersive spaces are not merely showcases for their products but are integral to the brand’s narrative, allowing customers to physically step into the world Gentle Monster envisions.

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