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Airbnb launches new ‘Icon’ range with Pixar’s Up House

Airbnb has taken it up a notch to give their customers experiences that have only ever been dreamt of. The 1st of May saw Airbnb’s launch of their new range, Icons. Icons is a new category of bizarre, yet remarkable, experiences brought to you by the greatest names in music, film, television, art, and sport. Airbnb has revealed 11 Icons, with new experiences to come throughout the year.


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The first Icon available to customers explores Pixar’s fantasy world, recreating the Up House. Adrift over the red rocks of Abiquiu, New Mexico, this recreation of Carl Fredricksen’s beloved home offers an escape tethered to over 8,000 balloons, but don’t worry, a crane is safely holding your place in the sky, not just the balloons! This Icon is in celebration of the 15th anniversary of the Up film. Visitors can discover pictures of Carl and his wife Ellie on the walls, their beloved Adventure Book, the backpack of nine-year-old Wilderness Explorer Russell, and the snug bed of Dug the talking dog, to fully immersive themselves in this fantasy world.

up 2

up 5

Fans can engage in this adventure by expressing why they’re eager to stay in the balloon-adorned house. Airbnb will evaluate all entries and choose fortunate participants to confirm their reservations. Applications are accepted until May 14, 2024.

By thinking outside the box and creating unseen experiences like this, Airbnb has showcased the power of innovation and imagination that they possess. This move has pushed the brand into the spotlight, gaining immense media attention and sparking widespread fascination. Through this partnership, Pixar has strengthened their own legacy and built deeper connections with fans. The excitement around this campaign will translate to its success.

up 6

The Up house is the first of many extraordinary recreations throughout the coming year. On May 6th, the applications to spend the night in the Ferrari Museum will open. You will be sleeping alongside 110 trophies and the Ferrari Formula 1 cars that earned them. The bed itself is made from the same leather used in the seats of the race cars.

ferrair 1

That isn’t all, you can experience a stay within Prince’s former residence, where he wrote the iconic song “Purple Rain.” Until now, this home has remained closed to the public.


“Icons take you inside worlds that only existed in your imagination—until now,” said Brian Chesky, Airbnb co-founder and CEO. “As life becomes increasingly digital, we’re focused on bringing more magic into the real world. With Icons, we’ve created the most extraordinary experiences on Earth.”

Keep an eye out over the coming months to see just who Airbnb will be collaborating with to bring iconic moments, people and places to life.


Images: Airbnb

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