Ladbroke Yourself Web AR Filters

Ladbrokes Web AR

Ladbrokes approached us to bottle some of the energy of their hugely successful Mike Iceberg ‘Chief Entertainment Officer’ campaign. We engaged with them to design and develop a series of fun Web AR filters.

So when the question ‘How will you Ladbroke Yourself?’ was raised, we got down to the business of making sure the filters were engaging and interactive.

Ladbrokes Web AR

The ‘Mike Iceberg’ filter utilises 3D rendered AR to add cool shades and a slick hair-do & beard to the users face in real time. Then it’s a matter of snap and send to your friends or sharing the fun online.

Or for something different, you can ‘Ka-ching Your Spring’ by simulating showering gold confetti to the background of your phone camera, allowing you to record and share to your favourite social apps.

The third and (we think) fun’est AR filter cleverly masks out your face and places you in the Jockey’s saddle to simulate riding your horse to the finish line. Again, snap or record yourself to share.

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