They told us to bring the beer. We brought the whole pub!

We were delighted to have joined forces once again with MADE. Experiences and SPACECUBE to design and construct Lion‘s Furphy 2023 Birdcage Marquee at the Victoria Racing Club!

It’s only fitting that a project aimed at bringing people together was brought to life by an amalgamation of industry professionals at the top of their game. And this year we did it in style.

project image furphy birdcage 2023 11
The Furphy Birdcage Marquee at Flemington.
project image furphy birdcage 2023 09
A world-class experience to welcome back Lion's customers and special guests.

The Furphy Marquee welcomed guests with a distinctly Victorian-style pub façade. The interior boasting a bar rising two stories with a brightly lit and spacious atrium connecting the two levels.

Guests enjoyed multiple bars, a DJ & dancefloor, super-screens throughout and trackside balcony for a prime view of the track. We didn’t just build a structure, we crafted an experience. And who doesn’t love a pub! Let’s raise a Furphy to this one, and to the many more to come!

Images: Lucas Dawson

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