Assassin’s Creed Voyage To Valhalla

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The cast are right at home on the set of Voyage to Valhalla.

We were engaged to help design and build the set for a live-streamed game show to help launch the latest game in the Assassin’s Creed franchice, AC: Valhalla.

The show featured some well-know gaming identities and be hosted by Nich Richardson of Good Game Pocket (ABC). It was streamed live on Ubisoft ANZ (Australia/New Zealand) twitch channel with the support of Xbox ANZ.

project image voyagetovalhalla 01

Ubisoft provided some incredible assets to work with and we had the set looking on-point.

The initial brief was to go with a viking hall theme, and that was about it. We did get some direction with team set up (2 per team) and a game mechanic that was to feature axes, but the rest was pretty much black canvas.

A truss setup was quickly settled on to provide the structure of the hall, as the columns and beams could be clad to give a wooden appearance, and also provide some extra mounting supports for additional lights and props.

Once we had the basic structure in place, we looked at how the ‘Nords & Crosses’ game mechanic was going to work in small space.

We only had 5m x 4m space to work in so I felt like if we could incorporate ‘Nords & Crosses’ into the base structure it would help save some space and also logistics of moving the talent around in such a small area.

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