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Strong Brands Generate More Leads

Starting with a logo, website or social media before building a strong brand impacts your businesses growth more than you know!

A mistake we see businesses make over and over is not setting up strong brand foundations that are necessary to scale their online marketing successfully.

This often leads to time and money lost on failed marketing campaigns, poorly converting websites, and chasing customers instead of having them chase you.

To help growth minded entrepreneurs and businesses owners capture more leads and scale faster, we’ve designed game changing Brand Sprint that delivers everything you need to build a strong brand.

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A fast and simple way to build your brand.

Designed for busy entrepreneurs, marketers and business owners that delivers maximum punch in a short 4 Hour workshop.

Led by our brand and marketing experts, you will walk away with a better understanding of why your brand exists, who your customers are and how to reach them. This alone will allow you to make better decisions when it comes to marketing, selling & even hiring new team members. All the necessary elements for growth!

Your brand is not
your logo

That’s right! However, your logo is a key element in the branding framework but certainly not the starting point.

Let’s think about Nike for a minute. The famous ‘Tick’ logo is just a tick at the end of the day. More importantly it’s what the tick stands for. This is what makes a pair of Nikes more than just running shoes.

When demand is created for your brand, the competition seems to just disappear. This is why some brands are consistently sold out and others fade away.

The stronger your brand, the better it separates you from the competition which ultimately makes selling easier.

Ready to grow?

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Take Control of Your Brand Today

The value a strong brand delivers across your entire business should not be underestimated, nor left unmanaged.

Building brand means taking control of your business’s reputation. It means you are in the drivers seat when it comes to managing how your business is perceived in the market and also internally by your team. This is key when it comes to the creation of marketing messaging, sales pitches and customer service processes as consistency & continuity across all areas of your business is key.

Your business’s reputation proceeds you. Strong branding increases consumer familiarity and trust, making your business a more appealing option when a consumer is seeking your goods or services.

Branding is seen as having an 18% share in the purchasing decision, compared to the 17% tied up in the sales effort (Forbes). If your business is easily replaceable or interchangeable with another, consumer loyalty will wane. Businesses with strong brands maintain better consumer retention and more easily increase market share.

The more a brand is trusted by consumers, the better consumer perception of the business, the stronger the brand reputation and thus, the stronger the business itself.

Businesses with strong branding turn their employees into powerful brand ambassadors. Branding improves employee loyalty, increases employee motivation levels, and assists in attracting and securing the right talent. Brands with poor company branding pay 10% higher salaries (Smart Dreamers).

Your brand values underpin all business decision making and business direction. When you are clear on your brand values, you attract consumers and investors who align with your values.

A strongly established brand can increase business value by creating industry leverage. Firmly established brands are a more appealing investment opportunity, and your ‘brand’ is a business asset that holds monetary value. Further, presenting a brand consistently across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 25% (Forbes).

The Brand Sprint

A fast and simple way to build a strong brand.

Here’s an overview of how your Brand Sprint will look

Your Brand Sprint

A collaborative workshop built around a series of simple exercises.

No matter your industry, together we’ll help you develop a clear, focused and actionable plan, but first let’s nail your brand foundations!

Vision & Mission

We start by answering two seemingly simple yet incredible nuanced questions. What do you want your business to be? Any why? Your vision is a clear understanding of where your brand is going, the ultimate destination. Your mission sets out the purpose of your brand. Your ‘why’. You need to be able to articulately state and share your brand vision and mission. These two statements go to the core of all business decision-making, creative direction, and marketing strategy.


Steering how you work towards your vision, mission, and day-to-day business goals are your business values. These guiding principles are equally as important in shaping your employee culture and should be at the forefront of decision-making for management at all levels to ensure consistent expectations and output from your business. Values are your safety net and one of the biggest pillars of your brand.


Before we can get to where we’d like to go, we must first understand where we currently are. We review your current market position in comparison to your ideal market position so we can set some business goals and begin to form a roadmap of how to move from one to the other. In these discussions we focus on uncovering your competitive advantages, your unique value proposition and market differentiation. This process often involves a market gap analysis to identify areas of opportunity for growth and where your business can claim a larger share of the market.


Now you’re clear on your offering, but how are you selling it? And to whom? We get down to the nitty-gritty of your target market by creating detailed consumer personas for your brand. This step is crucial in understanding any branding changes you may wish to implement, and in understanding which marketing channels will best help you reach your target market. We help you establish a clear brand tone and voice, as well as tagline, so you have all the tools to open up these communication channels with consumers.

Action Plan

From here, we create your personalised action plan so you can confidently start work on your business goals and progress from your current market position to your ideal market position by leveraging your learnings and clarifications regarding your target demographic and market opportunities.

This may involve brand set-up or a branding overhaul, additional marketing collateral to support sales channels or the creation or update of an asset such as your website. We can help you action these too.

Meet your brand sprint facilitators

team profilie image leigh2


Senior Designer

Many designers have a ‘style’ or ‘niche’ that serves a particular industry or is notably consistent across their designs. The only consistent factor in Leigh’s designs is the quality! Leigh’s ability to understand the nuances of every business regardless of their industry and to channel this to successfully shape a brand’s creative direction and assets is a skill that sets her apart from other designers. Leigh will go above and beyond to deliver a brand project that exceeds all expectations. Even internally, we constantly ooh and ahh over Leigh’s designs.

team profilie image damo


Client Services Director

With over 10 years experience working with Australia’s biggest alcohol and lifestyle brands, Damian’s understanding of maximising consumer experience, culture and market opportunities is parallel to none. He also has an incredible knack for thinking of creative business partnerships to accelerate your growth and success, and the network to make it happen. Friendly, down-to-earth, and always up for a laugh, you’ll walk away not just with a seriously sound business strategy, but also a mate.

team profilie image charlotte


Account Manager

With a background in the fields of Marketing and Accounting across a range of industries, Charlotte brings a multifaceted wealth of experience and an invaluable strategic thought process to any discussion. Highly engaged and always across new & emerging social trends, she thinks ‘big picture’ whilst maintaining focus on meeting immediate objectives. With unwavering enthusiasm and energy for her role, Charlotte makes her job look easy (trust us, it isn’t!).
team profilie image luisa


Brand Experience Producer

A passionate, organised, and experienced event & activation specialist with over 24 years experience in the industry, Lu has delivered events and activations in Australia and abroad including XXXX GOLD Beach Cricket & XXXX Island, Kirin Polo, Budweiser Super Bowl trip, Stella Artois Polo  (just to name a few!).

team profilie image manu


Agency Director

Pragmatic and focussed, with Manu’s guidance you will leave your Brand Sprint with strong business fundamentals established. Manu’s natural affinity for organisation and structure will ensure you walk away with a clear, detailed plan of action so you can work towards your goals with confidence. Manu is equally as creative as he is methodical, so he’ll also bring some incredibly creative ideas to the table for your business.

We're an award winning agency

We love to win awards! In fact, we’ve won lots, Australia, New Zealand, and Global Awards! But it’s not our key driver. Our focus is working with our clients to achieve their business objectives and goals. Whether this be a start-up or a global brand, we work hard to make this happen.

Our awards are just a nice little nod to the fact that we’ve worked so well together.

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