Twitch Set Design

Twitch Australia & New Zealand
Behind the scenes, captured by the amazing Lowkii team.


As an exciting finish to 2021, we partnered with Lowkii to create the Twitch set for their Twitch ANZ interactive streaming channel.


The brief called for the set to be able to be themed easily by adding and removing seasonal elements like Christmas decorations, or items relating to the broadcast topic like gaming characters, toys and collectables. The crew needed a set that could be set up relatively quickly and fit within the studio space and to different configurations. The set also needed to be able to pack down and stored away requiring minimal space while not in use.

Twitch Australia & New Zealand
Behind the scenes captured by the talented Lowkii team

Our talented Senior Designer Leigh designed this striking set, with an array of features capable of transforming the space.

  • The cube elements stack into each other and then pack away into the presenter desk, maximising on storage space.
  • The coloured lighting in the white cube shelves can be switched around to be different colours.
  • Wall flats and Tetris style blocks can be switched around for varying configurations.
  • All colours and icons adhere to Twitch brand guidelines.

The set is comprised of two main areas:

1) Area to the left is for presenters to stand behind the main desk. This space is generally for discussion and activities like unboxing and products reviews.

2) The space to the right-hand side allows for a bar table and chairs for panel interviews and chats or it can be left clear to demonstrate tech gadgets like VR headsets etc.

You can watch Twitch ANZ’s channel and see the set in action here:

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