MAAKE Melbourne Cup 2019 Activation Showcase

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MAAKE was proud to partner with three great brands in Seppelt, Furphy and Quincy to bring each of their activations to life in The Park, Flemington, as part of the 2019 Melbourne Cup Carnival.

Each of the activations were designed to meet specific brand objectives, creating unique challenges for the MAAKE team.


The Quincy Caravan Bar was a hit.

QUINCY is a new product launch, so impact was the key. A 3m ‘Q’ seat at the front of the activation footprint provided a social sharing opportunity as well as being a highly visible brand focal point. The unique caravan bar helped bring the brand visuals to life along with the back wall panoramic garden scene and floral wrapped CNC logo. tasteful furniture and branded umbrellas finished off the space and created a light, fun and refreshing environment.


Seppelt put on a standout activation again in 2019.

Seppelt built on a successful footprint from 2018, with the multi-level giant container build once again becoming a must-visit destination. A limited release Prosecco can was the highlight of the activation, proving extremely popular meaning the custom drink cart was a welcome additional service point. The photo booth got a fresh new black pressed-metal look and the upstairs Prosecco deck proved as popular as ever.


The Furphy truck made its debut at the Melbourne Cup 2019.

Furphy was an exciting one as it was the debut of the Furphy Truck, a custom build Ford F350 which was the focal point of the activation. We will be covering the build of the truck in-depth in a later post, so stay tuned for that. The large container bar with rooftop deck was the main serving area, and the great mural rounded out the key visual components. A solid deck, feature entrance, plantar boxes and solid timber furniture finished of the space in true blue Furphy style, ensuring the activation was one of the busiest of the PARK throughout the Cup carnival.

The MAAKE events team worked tirelessly all in the lead-up and all through the event led by Nikki Hyland and Manu Whatarangi on the ground with great support from Elisa Nuich and Damian De Giovanni. Creative Director Dave Heavyside led the design phase, ensuring cohesion across each of the brands, and was supported tirelessly by Rik Conti in liaising with all production partners, notably The BuildLab who provided many of the key assets including the Drink Carts, Container Build, Furphy Truck and more.

A special thanks all of our suppliers and activation partners who assisted with various elements.

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