Designing the Black Hops 4th Birthday Labels: Part Three – Vermonster Nitro Sundae


Ice-cream nitro birthday sundae? Yes, please.

Vermonster is an 8% Nitro Sundae New England IPA full of big juicy hops and creamy malts, and canned on nitro for something a little special and to really add to that creaminess.

This was the one can that I knew I wanted to be as literal as possible with the design. I knew from the start this was going to be a straight-up bright and fun design that really reflected the whole creamy sundae vibes.

I tried a couple of options where the little sundae illustration sat in the middle, but similar to Zappy birthday, it just looked a little lonely and wasn’t really exciting or aesthetically pleasing.

I was flicking through some food illustration styles when I came across the ‘deconstructed burger’ and I quite liked how it brings a much more interesting representation of the food.

Burger King Whopper Packaging | Burger Awesome
I love burgers.

with the 440mL cans there was plenty of room to work with vertically and after drawing each of the elements up in illustrator, I put it together and it worked really well.

The background was going to be the kicker here, and I had the cyan and pink colours in mind from the beginning as they envoke that whole summer / Ice-cream parlour vibes really well and both colours work really well with white and black.

I adjusted the blue to be a bit more on the teal green side of things and pulled back the pinks to a more pastel to fit the classic 50’s 60’s vibe a bit better.

Pink And Blue Color Paper Texture Background. Trend Colors ...

In the end this design came together the quickest out of all of them, but is probably my favourite.

A quick side note – the can colours were originally going to be 2 black and 2 white cans to reflect the 2 dark and 2 light beers and this design was originally done with that in mind. The wavy pattern at the top (also on the Zappy Birthday) came in later when the call was made to go all black cans. I wanted something to help blend the lighter labels in to the black of the can and also differentiate them from the dark beers.


Stay tuned for the final instalment – Murder Hornet!



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