19 Crimes Bail Them Out Activation

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Patrons enjoy the 19 Crimes Wine – GABS 2019 Stall and Activation.

MAAKE was tasked with bringing the 19 Crimes story to life at the 2019 Great Australian Beer SpecTAPular events in Melbourne and Sydney.

We designed a simple but impactful stall which highlighted the portraits of the convicts that feature on each of the 19 Crimes Wine labels, reinforcing the brand story.

project image 19crimesbailthemout 01

A simple serving bar and additional props brought the space to life. We then created a fun and engaging activation featuring a key with a unique code which we handed out to consumers via a lucky dip.

If the code unlocked the custom designed ‘Jail Cell’ that held one of the bottles, they would win a Case of 19 Crimes wine.

The activation was extremely successful across both Sydney and Melbourne events, introducing 19 Crimes to a new audience in a unique and exciting way.

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